All the books i read this year and in the order i read them

This year my lovely people we beat our PR of 6 books in the year by 2 more books making the grand total of this year 8 book! Thank You, Thank You so without any further let’s blog! Greenlights: Greenlights is the much awaited biography of the most renowned Hollywood actors Matthew McConaughey. This book […]

Spiderman nowhere home short review (Spoiler-Free)

WHAT A MOVIE! I MEAN WHAT A MOVIE! I was super hyped for this movie. I woke up at 5: 30 A.M out of excitement, did some work and literally suited up to go watch the movie. Your boy was there in the movie theatre in a blue suit to watch Spiderman and it was […]

Key difference between Star Plantinum and The World!

A stand which is precise, powerful, has a badass master and can stop time. Which stand am I talking about? The purple menace with an aura of power or the yellow god of destruction? kinda hard to answer which stand i am talking about with only that much information isn’t it? doesn’t that make you […]

100% worth it comedy movies

Sometimes you just wanna sit and laugh. So you start looking for some good ol’ comedy movies but now you can’t find anything…been there? Yeah, so have i. So, i bring you some of the most hilarious movies i’ve ever seen. The Anchorman: Either you’ve seen Ron Burgundy or you’ve heard of him. That’s how […]

Must watch movies if you wanna see what acting looks like.

Y’all love movies? Yes? Then y’all love nice acting too and today you’re in luck because i didn’t bring you the “nicest” acting in the “nicest” movies. I bring the best acting in the best of the movies. American Psycho: Now American Psycho is a Horror/Psychological Thriller movie. The deal is that i don’t watch […]

My top 3 shows to watch if you just wanna have a good time!

Well, Sometimes you just wanna sit down, relax and watch something. Something that doesn’t require you to observe every little detail, something that will make you relax and laugh but you don’t know what to watch. You my friend are in the right place because today i am going to share my all time favorite […]


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